I welcome you today profoundly to our website and I believe every information on it will be of great value to you. It is my honour to let you know that, the pursuit of a society that works is based on collective synergy and conscientious efforts towards actualization.

Over the years we have dedicated our lives in ensuring that we have a society that will avail everyone a reason to be happy, free, equal and above board. Edo Civil Society Organisations as a network of pressure groups, we have influenced institutional and government policies, redefined and redirected certain public mindsets and opinions, championed the improvement in the power sector, created a lot of rights awareness in the justice sector, fight against corruption and corrupt practices among other interventions.

As a concerted groups, we have trained and equipped young activists and embarked in massive community mobilizations in other for the people to know and fully enforce their Fundamental Human Rights as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution as amended and other international legal frameworks. Our major thrusts are the Promotion of Good Governance, Social Justice and Human Rights.

Take out your time to go through our site and make use of every resource material we have made available, I do hope you have a reason to be part of us. Should you want to support what we do, do not hesitate to hit the Donation button on this site and see our account details, our activities are sponsored by contributions from members and volunteers’ dues. We will be glad you join us today.

Thanks and have a great time ahead.

Chairman Leftist Austine Enabulele Interim TEC Chairman

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