Author: Osazee Edigin




One of the sacred oath taken by every member of Edo Civil Society Organisations is to ensure no Edo indigene and resident will be intimidated, humiliated or denigrated by powerful individuals or institutions; be it public or private.

The creed found expression today when members of EDOCSO ably led by its interim TEC chairman, Leftist Austin Enabulele acting on a tip-off stormed the premises of Urhokpota Hall in the city centre in response to 10 persons that the hitherto disbanded Edo State Waste Management Board took into custody for acclaimed various environmental offences they lacked the powers to enforce.

It should be recalled that both the high court and the appeal court had banned the activities of the board and expressly stated that the business of waste management is constitutionally under the purview of local government councils. In spite of the landmark judgement by the high court and the appellate court, Edo state government through its agents still goes about arresting the people and using the mobile courts to extort them.

Edo State Government have appealed the matter to the supreme court yet couldn’t wait for the final decision of the apex court but would rather resort to illegality for the singular aim of revenue generation using pseudo jungle justice means of mobile courts.

We have proven once again that power belongs to the people. EDOCSO don’t just bark, it bites deeply too.

Much appreciation to the interim leadership of Edo Civil Society Organisations and ever reliable and gallant comrades who evaporated from different corners and condensed at Urhokpota Hall to demand for the rights of the oppressed by Edo state government and its suppressive agents.

Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer,
Edo Civil Society Organisations



The speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun had explained the actual position of the law prohibiting open grazing of cattle and other livestock vis-a-vis secession of 20% community or local government council lands to Herdsmen.

The speaker made the clarification today when members of Edo Civil Society Organisations led by its Interim TEC Chairman, Bishop Osadolor Ochei JP in a peaceful protest to the Chief Anthony Enahoro complex in Benin City, the state capital.

Bishop Osadolor Ochei speaking on behalf of the coalition pointed out the fear of loosing our lands to foreign herders who will end up laying claim to such lands in future. He further went on to remind the speaker that, ranching is a private business and should be left at that without government doing any form of land acquisition for the purpose of ranching.

Onobun appreciated the peaceful way the civil society group have conducted itself in most civil manner. He explained that, what was deliberated in plenary was to empower the committee that will be regulating the setup of ranches in ensuring that communities will not allocate lands beyond a certain size of land to ranch owners. He assured the group that there is no way they will pass a law not in the interest of the people as representatives of the people.

Comrade Osazee Edigin, a former Public Relations Officer, told the speaker that Edo state government have not be doing well in the dissemination of information to the public which overtime has given room to speculations. He enjoined the speaker to ensure consultation with all critical stakeholders to be able to come out with a robust law that would address all pending issues on open grazing.

Members of Edo Civil Society Organisations took their protest to the Secretariat of the Nigerian Union of Journalists where they were received by the council chairman, Comrade Festus Alenkhe JP. Alenkhe promised to ensure his members report the positions of the civil society as well as reaching out to the government for reaction in putting together balance reportage.

Members of EDOCSO have vowed to follow the process of the bill through not to leave any stone unturned.

Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer,
Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO)



This is to invite Edo people to a peaceful rally to the Edo State House of Assembly in respect of the anti open grazing bill that is currently being considered to be passed into law.

The peaceful rally is to interface with the leadership of EDHA and to officially drop the peoples’ position paper on subject matter.

Issues of concerns are:

1. The proposed 20% land for ranching in our communities/LGAs.

2. Government interest in private ventures.

3. The need for a public hearing comprising all critical stakeholders for inputs.

We are expected to converge as follows:

Date: Monday 21st March, 2022

Take-off Point: Museum Ground, Benin City.

Time: 7:30am

The time for our voices to be heard is now.

*NOTE:* Maximum security has been put in place.


Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO)


The general assembly of Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO) a coalition of civil society groups and community based study centres across the state held its monthly General Assembly yesterday the 12th of March, 2022.

The meeting which started with solidarity songs then followed with the national anthems put comrades in the mood of expectations and prepared them for another time in engaging in discourse that will engender growth and progress of man and the society.

The Interim TEC Chairman, Bishop (Dr) Osadolor Anthont Ochei, JP who presided over the meeting, welcomed everyone present and appreciated them for their support and collaboration thus far. He went further to admonish comrades to get themselves acquainted with requisite knowledge and information to enable them push for good governance, social justice and human rights as enshrined in our collective creed.

Touching on current issues of Edo state, he delved into the reckless sales of Edo state properties without consultation with the people. He sighted that of central hospital which has been demolished making the only available supposedly government built Specialist Hospital out of reach to the poor.
A decision was taken on the next line of action to be taken on the demolished Central Hospital and all other government properties that illegally sold or demonolished.

The Edo state library and other government owned properties have been demolished for reasons only known to the government, he posited.

The issue of double taxation, extortion and harassment by local government revenue collectors principally in the three metropolitan councils in Edo state, Oredo, Egor and Ikpoba Okha was also deliberated on and the appropriate steps to be taken were agreed upon.

The ever increasing reports of land grabbing formed a major deliberation which resulted to a plan in constituting an adhoc committee that will be responding to land grabbing issues and to liase with the state government committee on Protection of Private Properties in ensuring that perpetuators are apprehended and prosecuted.

Other state and national issues were discussed and far reaching resolutions arrived at for the betterment of the society.

New members were received into the coalition and meeting adjourned till next month.

Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations



A member of Edo Civil Society Organisations had brought to the attention of the group of a case of assault, abduction and detention of a man, Mr. Uyi Daniel who runs cab services by an official of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in his residence over an accident between the duo in Benin City.

The Interim TEC Chairman, Bishop (Dr.) Osadolor Ochei JP with his executive members swung into action as soon as the report hits his table. His first point of action was to engage the victim to ascertain all allegations, video and picture contents contained in a viral post on social media.

In order to operate the principle of fair hearing as expected of a civil society group, the executives and some its members accompanied with a member of the press stormed the office of the Benin Zonal office of the commission so as to engage it on subject matter before further action.

The team met with the acting Zonal Head, Mrs. Nkechi Ude who received the team and expressed her disappointment over the embarrassment the viral video has brought to the commission and not to talk about the several calls that has bombarded her phones since as early as 6:30am. She equally informed the team that the commission’s Executive Chairman is interested in the matter and had instructed a discrete investigation and action.

She went further to state that, whatever has happened is not and cannot be the modus operandi of the commission. She told the team that, investigation had already commenced even before the arrival of the team. The victim narrated his sordid ordeal in the hands of the EFCC official and his current medical state.

Bishop Osadolor Ochei informed her that, EDOCSO will leave no stone unturned in ensuring justice for the man and that the civil society is fully ready to take the matter headlong anyway it swings to which is dependent on the action or inaction of the commission.

The acting Zonal Head pleaded for a short time for the commission to do what is expected administratively and report accordingly. She assured that the commission will surely deliver justice to the cab man and appropriate sanctions meted.

It should seen that the first line of victory for the supposed ‘nobody’ cab man is that Abuja office of the EFCC is interested in the matter and there is no denial of the commission’s personnel not responsible for the act.

EDOCSO, a foremost organised and dedicated group have over the years defended the rights of the commoners in uncommon ways in ensuring justice for all. This incident will speak to the fact that, Edo state doesn’t have room for oppression, intimidation and abuse of rights.

We shall be bringing updates soonest as we keep close tab on the issue.

Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer,
Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO)



On behalf of Edo Civil Society Organisations, I congratulate Comrade Festus Alenkhe on your emergence as the newly elected chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Edo state chapter.

There is no doubt your victory will reposition and rejig the union owing to your antecedents from your various leadership experiences over the years.

It’s also our convinction that the mutual relationship enjoyed between the civil society community and the media would get better for the advancement of the society. The media had helped in amplifying the various advocacy of the civil society, this we expect to be sustained and improved on with the coming on board of your team.

May your leadership redefine the profession and place same in its pride and enviable position in the polity.


Bishop Dr. Osadolor Ochei JP
Interim TEC Chairman
Edo Civil Society Organisations

2021 World Human Rights day in pictures

Bishop Ochei Speaks on 2021 Human Rights Day


It my pleasure that, we are celebrating another World Human Rights day as we have ever done continuously for the past eight years. It gives me greater joy that more people are beginning to activate their human rights consciousness in the face of tyranny, oppression, intimidation and denigration of human dignity.

Edo Civil Society Organisations which I am the current leader has put in so much sacrifice in terms of manpower, finance, commitment and time in ensuring that even rural people are equipped with the knowledge of their fundamental human rights. This has formed our motivation in investing in the building of Study Centres at the grassroots level. At last count, our Study Centres have hit 25 cells which are staggered in the 18 Local Government Areas of Edo state.

We have equally delved into the public transportation sector having observed the high level of suffering by commuters occasioned by the private operators who have developed the habit of arbitral increment of fares due to lack of government price control mechanism. Our ‘Masses’ Bus’ scheme came to the rescue, charging commuters the cheapest fare in Edo state. Not only that, our buses go farther distance than any other. Our fare are even cheaper during Yuletide seasons when others jack up theirs.

We will be taking the message of liberation to the streets of Edo state to commemorate the 2021 World Human Rights day with the theme EQUALITY – Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights. Personalities with antecedents of defending the rights of the common man will be speaking directly with the masses face to face. The likes of Dr. Osagie Obayuwana, a foremost rights activist under the tutelage of Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory and a former Attorney General of Edo state. Dele Igbinedion Esq, a man that has consistently nullified anti people’s law through the instrumentality of the court. Leonard Osa-uwagie Esq had in different times taken up cases that touches on oppression and anti people policies pro bono. President Aigbokhan Esq has always insisted on the judicious deployment of public resources for the common good of all. These and others will be forming the train of movement that will be interfacing with the people come 10th of December, 2021.

This year’s celebration is to further consolidate on the vision of the coalition in ensuring that the requisite information towards self liberation is delivered to the common man. Government all over the world has not been able to give human rights protection priority and we don’t see that coming through soon. It’s our collective responsibility to demand for it through using the tools of advocacy and synergy among citizens.

I welcome you once again to the celebration of the 2021 World Human Rights day.

You are invited to join us in the rally.


Bishop (Dr.) Osadolor Ochei JP
Interim TEC Chairman
Edo Civil Society Organisations

2021 World Human Rights Day Invitation


The leadership and members of Edo Civil Society Organisations will be holding a massive street rally to mark the 2021 World Human Rights day under the leadership of Bishop ( Dr.) Osadolor Ochei with the theme *EQUALITY: Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights.*

Date: Friday 10th December, 2021

Take-off Point: National Museum Ground, King Square, Benin City.

Time: 7:30am


1. Dr. Osagie Obayuwana

2. Dele Igbinedion Esq

3. President Aigbokhan Esq

4. Leonard Osa-uwagie Esq

The general public is hereby invited to be part of this event.


Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO)


…powers of Edo State Waste Management Board cut to size.

Judgement was delivered Thursday 18/11/2021 by Justice Sir Biobele Abraham Georgewell on behalf of other two justices of Appeal Court in suit No. Appeal No CA/B/476/2018

The justice ruled in favour of Edo people aligning himself with the judgement of the lower court, that Edo state government, Edo State Waste Management Board do not have the powers to evacuate waste; that it is solely the duty and responsibility of the local government councils to do so.

As you may be aware, after losing the case in the lower court, Edo state government and Edo State Waste Management Board approached the appeal court to nullify the judgement of the lower court, that ruled in favour of Edo state people by stating that the evacuation of refuse and any other thing relating to waste and sanitation is solely the duty and responsibility of the local government councils.

The court also advise the waste managers to venture in other businesses and charged the local government council to rise up to fully take charge in their responsibility with immediate effect.

Edo State Waste Management Board was declared to lack the powers to accredit and impose waste managers on citizens.

Members of Edo Civil Society Organisations have been following the matter since it was instituted in 2018 by Dele Igbinedion Esq at the state high court with Suit No. B/460/2014: Mr. Johnson Obasogie Igbinedion & Anor V. Edo State House of Assembly & Ors and judgement delivered on 26/7/2018.

Erstwhile government accredited waste managers have been noted for using the mobile courts and and other state machineries to extort, intimidate and oppress the citizens even when they usually fail in rendering services. In many instances, citizens are forced by their mobile courts to either pay for services not rendered or face jail term not less than six months.

The high handedness, arrogance and insensitivity of the now disbanded accredited waste managers led to the institution of the court case which sought to interrogate their legitimacy thereby leading to their exposure as an illegal bunch acting on a poorly drafted law.

Leftist Aliyu Umweni
Interim Public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations