Bishop Ochei Speaks on 2021 Human Rights Day

Bishop Ochei Speaks on 2021 Human Rights Day


It my pleasure that, we are celebrating another World Human Rights day as we have ever done continuously for the past eight years. It gives me greater joy that more people are beginning to activate their human rights consciousness in the face of tyranny, oppression, intimidation and denigration of human dignity.

Edo Civil Society Organisations which I am the current leader has put in so much sacrifice in terms of manpower, finance, commitment and time in ensuring that even rural people are equipped with the knowledge of their fundamental human rights. This has formed our motivation in investing in the building of Study Centres at the grassroots level. At last count, our Study Centres have hit 25 cells which are staggered in the 18 Local Government Areas of Edo state.

We have equally delved into the public transportation sector having observed the high level of suffering by commuters occasioned by the private operators who have developed the habit of arbitral increment of fares due to lack of government price control mechanism. Our ‘Masses’ Bus’ scheme came to the rescue, charging commuters the cheapest fare in Edo state. Not only that, our buses go farther distance than any other. Our fare are even cheaper during Yuletide seasons when others jack up theirs.

We will be taking the message of liberation to the streets of Edo state to commemorate the 2021 World Human Rights day with the theme EQUALITY – Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights. Personalities with antecedents of defending the rights of the common man will be speaking directly with the masses face to face. The likes of Dr. Osagie Obayuwana, a foremost rights activist under the tutelage of Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory and a former Attorney General of Edo state. Dele Igbinedion Esq, a man that has consistently nullified anti people’s law through the instrumentality of the court. Leonard Osa-uwagie Esq had in different times taken up cases that touches on oppression and anti people policies pro bono. President Aigbokhan Esq has always insisted on the judicious deployment of public resources for the common good of all. These and others will be forming the train of movement that will be interfacing with the people come 10th of December, 2021.

This year’s celebration is to further consolidate on the vision of the coalition in ensuring that the requisite information towards self liberation is delivered to the common man. Government all over the world has not been able to give human rights protection priority and we don’t see that coming through soon. It’s our collective responsibility to demand for it through using the tools of advocacy and synergy among citizens.

I welcome you once again to the celebration of the 2021 World Human Rights day.

You are invited to join us in the rally.


Bishop (Dr.) Osadolor Ochei JP
Interim TEC Chairman
Edo Civil Society Organisations

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