We Will Never Allow Anybody To Ridicule Our Judicial justice System A Threat To Justice is a Threat To Human Existence

This was the outcome from the swift intervention from members of Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO) Igueben study centre led by it’s coordinator Leftist Enabulele Larry. in a matter wherein a police officer Inspector Ogbanemen Joshua muddled the justice administration procedures to send an innocent citizen to prison without legal trial

Few days ago, the attention of the Civil Rights group was drawn to intervene in a matter on 20th may 2024, wherein one Mr Friday Eguavuon. was remanded at Ubiaja correctional centre for an allege case of ASSAULT without trial relying on the overbearing influence on the court by the prosecutor Inspector Ogbanemen Joshua who was also the complainant on the case.

It was a day of confusion and agony for the family of Mr Eguavuon, an indigene of Idumowu quarters, Ebelle in Igueben local govt area when their son Mr Eguavuon Friday was reminded at Ubiaja correctional centre without trial on the 20th of May, 2024.

According to the prosecutor who is also the complainant in the matter, trouble started when Mr Friday gave his Android phone to a nearby phone charge service centre (Ojie Wizzy) for service. Upon his return to get his phone, he noticed a damaged on the screen, this however made him Friday to draw the attention of the shop owner (Mr Ojieze) to the issue. In response, Mr Ojieze told Mr Friday to meet with the apprentice boy who conducted the poor service and do whatever he wishes as this problem is almost becoming a norm in the shop. On this, Mr Friday requested his phone be fix in the next two hours and left. After two hours, Mr Friday came back and discovered the problem remained unchecked, which now led to a fisticuff between the duo, which attracted the attention of passers-by including some police officers among them were one inspector Joshua a prosecutor with Ebelle divisional police station, Ebelle. In an attempt to separate them from fighting, Insp. Joshua was allegedly punched by Mr Friday, which led to the arrest and detention of Mr Friday on that same day which was on Saturday 18th May, 2024. The arrest and detention however attracted the attention of the community dwellers who came out in their numbers to appeal for alternative resolution to the matter but all efforts yielded no result, with the insistence the man must go to court as he has already intimated the concerned authorities, hence Mr Friday was denied administrative bail.

On Monday 20th May 2024, the families of Mr Friday prepared and make themselves available at Ebelle police station where Mr Friday was be move to Magistrate court and to be arraign according to the prosecutor and also the complainant in the matter. But their hope and that of the counsel Barr. Ugboh were hashed, when they were made to understand at the police station that a warrant for remand has already be signed and issue by the court. The counsel who is about 15yrs in the bench, however queries the authenticity of the document, it was however shown to him but the counsel again questioned the source of the document when the court is yet to sit and entertain the matter, but the prosecutor told him that it can also be done that way so long the document is sign by the Magistrate. But the counsel maintain that this is strange and at variance with the provision of the Edo state administration of criminal justice law ACJL 2018, that a suspect will be remanded without trial, even when there is court sitting for the day. At this point, Mr Friday was brought out from the cell and taken to Ubiaja correctional centre, which led to the report of the above matter to Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO) Igueben study centre by the family members, and thereafter the leader of the delegation and coordinator of the study centre Leftist Enabulele Larry swiftly went to the police station as well as the court to confirm the report, behold the reports were correct and corroborated by the IPO and Inspector Joshua (the complainant) who equally doubled as the prosecutor on the matter.

Our Question To Them on That Are:

  1. Who is now the judge, the police prosecutor or the court?
  2. Does our courts now remand suspects without trial, even on bailable matters such like this assault?
  3. Who is that learned judge that sat on his comfort home and issue a warrant of remand on a case of assault like this without trial and room for bail as provided by our laws ?
  4. Is Assault Now A Capital Offence In This Court? This miscarriage of justice was however escalated with a well coordinated petition to the appropriate authority in our legal jurisprudence which saw the urgent and timely intervention of the Magistrate to save the image and integrity of the court. With the series of administrative reforms in our legal system, this is the least expectation from anybody.

Mr Eguavuon Friday has been released yesterday unconditionally & his freedom regained against the evil mechanisation of the enemies of De-jure under a democratic dispensation as operated by the Nigeria state.

We wish to thank the leadership of the Left Movement (EDOCSO) for standing side-by-side with it’s leadership in Igueben study centre to resist this affront against the ideal of fair justice procedure and administration in the judicial system.

We therefore salute all lovers of justice for standing against this injustice against the common man.

We also say a big thanks to our human rights counsel A.O Olonaiye for his tireless efforts thus far.

We wish to call on the attention of the Nigeria police authority Edo state command led by COMPOL Funsho Adegboye in line with his resolve to lead the police institution in Edo with democracy and fear of God, to call for thorough investigation on this rape on our justice system perpetuated by INSPECTOR JOSHUA OGBANEMEN, the police prosecutor with Ebelle divisional police headquarter with a view of reviewing his position with the division so as to save the good image and integrity of the police as an integral part in justice administration before the members of the public.

Mr Eguavuon Friday is the person at the middle in the above picture when he just regains his FREEDOM from Ubiaja correctional centre.

Esoleto E africa

We will not stop until the last man on the street is totally free from oppression and intimidation

Edo Civil Society Organisations is a network of several affiliate groups and community based formations known as study centres which are spread across the state. Its main focus are the promotion of good governance, social justice and human rights.

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Interim Public Relations Officer
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